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 M.I.A. Luxury Inlaid Furniture, refined reproduction of Antique Luxury French Furniture in MEDA, Italy.



M.I.A. Luxury Inlaid Furniture is  an artisan firm specialized in the Reproduction of Antique Luxury  French Furniture (Louis XV, Transition, Louis XVI and MAGGIOLINI Style).

Particular care is taken with the finishing for which we use both shellac and beeswax.




In 2005 M.I.A. Artistic Inlaid Furniture  received a prized named: “Premio Milano Produttiva” by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.




Workmanship is executed by means of artisan methods, using first class highly valuable wood, and adopting techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation.


The choose of materials, the draw of the inlay, the use of essences with different qualities of fibre, colours and grain, the technique of using a particular dyeing only for some essences, particular shadings made by putting some little pieces of wood in a red-hot sand, give to the surface of the inlay an unusual colour, like gold, that change with the colour of the wood.



Each piece of furniture is accurately reproduced in every detail, and in all the stages of production, right up to the polishing for which we use both shellac and beeswax.


Photographs of some of the pieces in the collections and contact details on http://www.miasnc.it


MIA Luxury Inlaid Furniture until 31 December 2014 sells Maggiolini Style chest of drawers

Mod. VERSAILLES at discounted prices.


Technical Information


Volume:                                   dm3.   778

Weight:                                    Kg.      58

Dimensions:                            H.       93           W.   130         D.  56


Essences of wood used for the construction of the structure:

Legs:                                       tulipier

Sides:                                       listel

Base:                                       multi-layers and poplar

Plane:                                      listel

Back:                                       pine

Outline:                                   tulipier, bois de rose hardwood and  walnut

Drawers:                                 dovetail


Front:                                      listel and tulipier

Sides:                                       oak

Back:                                       oak

Bottom:                                   multi-layers oak



Inside:                                     oak

Outside:                                   rosewood, root of walnut and pekia.



We use both shellac and beeswax.


For informations and contact:


M.I.A. Luxury Inlaid Furniture

105, Vignazzola Street – 20821 MEDA (MB)

Phone / Fax +39 0362 72130







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